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BNSF-CN Paint Scheme Contest - North American Railways SD70I

Image 1999 by Kyle McKerrow.

Painted by Jeff Keddy.

All rights reserved. Used by permission. This image has been submitted for the BNSF-CN Paint Scheme Contest, and may not be reposted without the permission of both the artist and the painter. Linking directly to the image on the Railroad Paint Shop site is prohibited.

Painter's note: The paint scheme reflects the blending of a Canadian railway with an American railway and is represented by the blending of red (Canadian colour) with blue (American colour). The white stripe along the running board is symbolic of the tie between Canada and the U.S. which links the two countries together; Canada and the U.S. both use the colour white in their flags, and is, therefore, a common feature between the two countries, as is the railway. The flags display the two countries covered by this new rail system.

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