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Millway Western GP38-2

Image 1997 by Joshua Moldover.

Painted by Bill Gingrich.

Painter's Note: This image represents Delaware & Hudson #7325 painted in the scheme of the D&H's new parent company, Millway Western Corporation.
In a nutshell, the Millway Western begins in 1976, concurrent with Conrail. It is based on the Federally ordained expansion of the D&H which occured that year to provide Conrail with some quasi-competition. I have expanded on that idea to provide Conrail with some REAL competition. In my version, the D&H, with the resources of it's new parent company- Millway Western Corporation, picks up various lines from the former PC, EL and RDG. I am attempting to stick to lines that actually existed but have since been abandoned by Conrail (hence my historical justification for the lines belonging to another railroad), and lines that *could* have supported moderate to heavy traffic (as opposed to hilly light-rail branch lines). The west end of the EL is one example.
In addition to the original D&H lines, the new Millway Western connects with western roads at Chicago, B&M at Springfield, MA, B&O (CSX) at Baltimore, N&W & WM (NS & CSX) at Hagerstown, and with Mel Agne's hypothetical Moose Valley RR at Millersburg and Carlisle, PA. Millway Western also had access to the ports of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, and accesses a share of the coal coming off the MGA in western PA.

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