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Clyde-EMD A7 (New South Wales Version)

Scale: 1:87

Clyde-EMD A7 drawing 1999 by Ian J Smith. All rights reserved. Used by permission. If you would like to use this image, or a painted version of it on your web site, you may do so, providing that you notify the artist and place a link back to The Railroad Paintshop. Linking directly to the image on the Railroad Paint Shop site is prohibited. If you want to use the image in any other form of publication, you must have the prior written permission of the artist.

Historical note: The model A7 first appeared in 1955. New South Wales ordered only 6, Victoria 18 and Commonwealth Railways 36. They were 16-567C powered with 6 traction motors and dynamic brakes. Rated at 1,750 HP for traction, they were great performers, popular with crews and rail fans. Most are now out of service, with many preserved in museums and by other preservation groups. Some have re-entered service with the newly formed private operators that are now taking over a lot of the regional running in many parts of Australia. The unit in the drawing is the NSW 42 class which was fitted with buffers and scew link couplers. This was later changed to automatic couplers, but the buffers remained.

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