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Clyde-EMD G8C

Scale: 1:87

Clyde-EMD G8C drawing 1999 by Ian J Smith. All rights reserved. Used by permission. If you would like to use this image, or a painted version of it on your web site, you may do so, providing that you notify the artist and place a link back to The Railroad Paintshop. Linking directly to the image on the Railroad Paint Shop site is prohibited. If you want to use the image in any other form of publication, you must have the prior written permission of the artist.

Historical note: The New South Wales Railways first placed an order with Clyde Engineering for 6 model G8 C locos in 1960, designated the 49 class. Class leader 4901 entered service on September 15, 1960 and they were used in the far west of the state, driving steam from the rails as far west as Broken Hill. A second order for 6 units saw 4907 enter traffic on July 5, 1962 and because of their exceptional reliability a third batch of 6 resulted in 4913 entering traffic on June 11, 1964. All 18 units were used to complete dieselisation of the western region of the state. The reliability of the G8 Cs was legendary, so much so that the railway dispatched an official from Sydney out west to investigate why they had the lowest failure rate of any class on the system despite operating in a very harsh environment that was hot, dry and dusty. They concluded that the units were very rugged and simple, speaking volumes for EMD's well known reliability. They hauled everything from freights, mixed, ore trains to expresses and mail trains. They are powered by an EMD 8-567C engine rated at 875HP for traction, riding on second generation Flexicoil trucks, have no dynamic brakes, weigh 179,200 pounds, are 50' 5" over couplers and are geared for 77mph. By mid 1989 all 18 were transferred to Sydney, performing transfer duties and hauling coal from coal mines 50 miles away, often in multiples of 4. Most have now been stored, several sold to private companies and 4916 has been preserved with the NSW Rail Transport Museum, operating a tour train with other preserved first generation diesels at the museum.

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