Last Updated: Sunday, November 26, 2000

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Welcome to the Railroad Paint Shop back lot. Due to increasing time pressures from work and family, this area of the site has been temporarily closed to new entries. If you're looking for an image that appeared in the Back Lot Gallery in the past, , check the Back Lot Archive.

Jump down to Track 1, the structure drying area, Track 2, or the Interchange Track.

Track 1 is for locomotives and cars that have just been released from the Paint Shop, and is being tested. The following equipment is located on Track 1: Track 1
None at present

Between tracks 1 and 2 is the structure drying area. Here you will find images of painted structures that have been released from the painter. The following structures are in this area:
None at present

Track 2 is for locomotives and cars that have had initial testing completed on them (approximately 2 weeks after release from the Paint Shop). The following equipment is on Track 2: Track 2
None at present

Interchange Track Locomotives and cars are moved to the interchange when ready for pickup by the local to be delivered to their home railroads (approximately 4 weeks after release by the Paint Shop). Sitting at the interchange is the following equipment:
None at present

Joshua Moldover, Webmaster