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Proto-Freelance Modelers SIG Member's Paint Schemes and Histories
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Welcome to the Proto-Freelance Modelers Special Interest Group (P-FMSIG) history and paint scheme site. Proto-freelance modeling involves a freelanced or made-up model railroad that is based on the operations and/or location of a prototype or real railroad. The freelanced railroad can be a continuation of a real railroad's operations into an era where the prototype didn't survive, such as a 1990's-era Seaboard Air Line or New York Central, or a fictional line based on a prototype, such as Tony Koester's Allegany Midland, which is based on a fictional extension of the Nickel Plate. Generally, operations and scenery tend to follow the prototype, with some changes to suit the taste of the model railroader. This section of the Railroad Paint Shop will be dedicated to the "histories" and paint schemes of these railroads, particularly those belonging to members of the P-FMSIG Discussion List. In addition, from time to time "test" paint schemes will be posted here as a means of helping modelers choose which scheme they eventually want to use. For more information regarding the P-FMSIG, visit the Proto-Freelance Modelers SIG Home Page.

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Proto-Freelance Modelers SIG Member Railroads

More roads coming in the near future!

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