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Site Policies, Copyright Restrictions, and Credits

Copyright Notice:
All of the drawings on this site have been copyrighted by their respective creators, and have been posted here solely for the purpose of being used as painting blanks. They are licensed for personal use only, and may not be modified, with the exception of color, without the express written permission of their creators. All materials within this site are copyright by Joshua Moldover unless otherwise specified.

Policy on Re-use of Drawings:
The re-use of any drawing is subject to conditions and restrictions of the original artist. These conditions and restrictions are specified on the individual drawing pages. Unless otherwise noted by specific artists, drawings may be used on your website provided that credit is given to the original artist and a link provided back to the Rairoad Paint Shop. If you wish to use a graphic link back to the site, you may download either the image on the right or the one below. If you wish to use any of the drawings in any publication in any form other than on a web site, you must have the express written permission of the original artist.

Policy on Submitting New or Modified Drawings:
Drawings submitted to the Railroad Paint Shop must be original. If you adapt a drawing from an existing one or use parts of an existing one that was created by someone else, you must have the original artist's written permission to have done so for your drawing to be posted. This restriction applies only to blank drawings, and not to drawings submitted for the Back Lot gallery. For more information on submitting blank drawings to the Railroad Paint Shop, see Contributor Registration

If you have any questions regarding these policies and restrictions, please e-mail me.

Credits and Thanks:

Thanks to J. Henry Priebe Jr., Blue Moon President & Network Administrator, for providing the space for these pages, to Eric Baines of the Derailed Boxcar for providing the SD40-2 used as the basis for the Railroad Paint Shop logo, and to A.J. Kleipass for the animated Railroad Paint Shop link. Thanks also to Alan and Joshua Radecki, George Elwood, Paul Veltman, and Hudson Leighton for their contributions to various images both already available from the Railroad Paint Shop as well as yet to come.