Last Updated: Thursday, August 1, 2002

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Thursday, August 1, 2002

  • MP15AC, MP15T, F7Au, FL9, F40PH, F40PH-2, F59PH, multiple F59PHI's, GP7, GP8, GP9, GP9RM, GP10, GP11, GP30, GP35, GP38, GP38-2, GP38-2W, GP38m-4, multiple GP39-2's, GP40, multiple GP40-2's, GP40-2L, multiple GP40X's, multiple GP50's, multiple GP60's, GP60M, multiple SD38-2's, SD40, multiple SD40-2's, SD40-2W, SD45, SD50, SD50F, SD60, SD60F, SD70I, SD70MAC, and SD75I added to EMD Locomotives page, along with front and back views of GP38, GP40, SD38, SD40, and SD45, and overhead views of GP40, SD38, SD40, and SD45.
  • U28B, multiple U30B's, multiple U33B's, multiple U36B's, multiple B23-7's, B30-7A, B32-8WH, multiple U30C's, multiple U33C's, multiple U36C's, multiple C30-7's, multiple C36-7's, C40-8M, multiple AC4400CW's, P32AC-DM, P40, and P42 added to GE Locomotives page.
  • Multiple C420's, multiple C424's, multiple C425's, BBD HR412, multiple MLW M420W's, multiple MLW C630M's, BBD HR616, multiple MLW M630's, MLW M630W, and multiple MLW M636's added to the ALCo Locomotives page.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Joshua Moldover, Webmaster