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Paint Scheme Contests

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Year-2000 Paint Contest

Develop a commemorative paint scheme in honor of the year 2000.

Contest ran from January, 1999 to June, 1999. Winners were announced July 15, 1999.
Rename the Acela Contest

Help Amtrak come up with a more inspiring name and paint scheme for its new high-speed NEC service.

Contest ran from August, 1999 to November 1999. Winners were announced December 12, 1999.
BNSF-CN Merger Paint Scheme Contest

Help the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Canadian National come up with a new paint scheme to commemerate their proposed merger.

Contest ran from January, 2000 to May, 2000. Due to voting irregularities, no winner was announced. All the entries are displayed.
Central Columbiana & Pennsylvania Paint Scheme Contest

The new operator of this 35-mile Ohio shortline asked for suggestions for a historically-based paint scheme for their operation.

Ran from March, 2000 to May 2000. No voting was done; all entries are displayed.

If you have any ideas for future contests, send them in! If your suggestion is used, you'll receive credit on the contest entry page.

Joshua Moldover, Webmaster