Last Updated: Sunday, November 26, 2000

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Proto-Freelance Modelers SIG E-Pass Exchange

Proto-Freelance Modelers SIG E-Pass Exchange

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The tradition of issuing railroad passes goes back over 150 years, when, in an effort to endear themselves to various public and regulatory officials, drum up business, or simply make things easier for their employees, railroads gave out passes good for travel over the road, subject to various conditions. Model railroaders have adopted this tradition as well, but as a "souvenier" or friendship-building effort, instead of trying to drum up traffic. With the development of the internet, a new version of this tradition has appeared - the electronic rail pass, or "e-pass". Model railroad web sites exchange these passes, and in the process, restore some of the original purpose - to drum up (web site) traffic. This directory of P-FMSIG member railroads is intended to serve as a central point to request e-passes from all model railroads in the group. While at this point only a few are participating, more are expected to join in the near future.

Interested in creating your own e-pass?

Proto-Freelance Modelers SIG Member Railroads

Mohawk & Hudson

Request an e-pass for the M&H

The Mohawk & Hudson has issued passes to the following individuals:
Pass No. Issued to: Model railroad/web site name: Date issued: Pass available?
99-001 Mike Hampton Nashville & Southern December 20, 1999 Yes
99-002 Don Miller, Jr. South Jersey & Western December 20, 1999 Yes
99-003 Patrick Tassignon Digital Garden Railroad December 28, 1999 Yes
00-001 Wolfgang Dudler Westport Terminal January 2, 2000 Yes
00-002 Lynn Gobin Zumbro Valley & Western January 12, 2000 Yes
00-003 Peter Borcherds Paliz Bay Railway & Navigation Co. January 31, 2000 Yes
00-004 John Quinn Amber, Shea and Western February 3, 2000 Yes
00-005 Jim Cullen PRR Elizabeth and Austin Divisions February 3, 2000 Yes
00-006 Helge Kristoffersson Sandy River & West Forrest February 12, 2000 Yes
00-007 Dave Inman Island Pacific Railroad February 13, 2000 Yes
00-008 Richard Stutler Leesburg & Alexandria March 11, 2000 Yes
00-009 Bob Netzlof Pittsburgh Midland System June 7, 2000 Yes
00-010 Robert Huson Great Pacific Northern Railroad June 13, 2000 Yes
00-011 Peter Prunka Avalon, Tintagel, & Santa Fe June 13, 2000 No

South Jersey & Western

Request an e-pass for the SJ&W

View the list of passes issued by the SJ&W

More roads coming in the near future!

Joshua Moldover, Webmaster