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Your Source for Prototype Drawings to Color

Welcome to the Railroad Paint Shop, at This page is designed to be a site where drawings of railroad locomotives, rolling stock, and lineside structures will be available for download for those of you who would like to design custom paint schemes for your own model railroads, or see "what might have been" if your favorite fallen flag had made it into the modern era. These drawings are not necessarily completely to scale. While many do have scales noted, keep in mind that due to the limitations of computer graphics and the fixed width of lines and spaces, that even those marked as scale drawings are not completely exact. The drawings are not intended for modeling purposes, but are provided for use as painting blanks only. Contributions are welcome. If you'd like to contribute new blank drawings to the site, stop by Contributor Registration. In the meantime, enjoy what's here. You can also let me know your thoughts on the site and what equipment you'd like to see added, by signing the Railroad Paint Shop Guestbook and Survey. If you are looking for a variant of a drawing (with/without dynamic brakes, AAR/EMD trucks, etc,) that is already available from the Railroad Paint Shop, please let me know - I will attempt to fill special requests on a case-by-case basis.

All of the text and images on this site are copyright 1997-2002 by Joshua Moldover unless otherwise noted. Any reposting of any of the materials on this site must be in accordance with the copyright restrictions noted within. Any downloading and saving of images or text to your local computer signifies acceptance of those restrictions.

Note regarding e-mail to this site: In an effort to combat the growing use of unsolicited junk e-mail messages (aka "spam"), all of the e-mail links on this site have had the phrase " AT " inserted into them. If you want to send an e-mail message to someone who has posted an image or message on the site, you must remove the phrase.

For all of you who've been holding your breath for the past 2 years as this site has gone without updates, you can now relax. I've added over 40 new and revised drawings to the site, and hope to be adding some more in the (relatively) near future... However, the Back Lot Gallery will remain closed at this time, due to lack of time to do the frequent updates that would otherwise be required. I thank all of you who have visited and supported the site over the past four years for your continued support, and will do my best to keep things up as much as possible.
Joshua Moldover, Site Owner


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